In most cases in the modern world,How To Junk A Car Articles there are two basic ways to get something done. You can either do it yourself, or you can pay somebody to do it for you. Believe it or not, there is actually a third option, when it comes to getting rid of a junk car, and that is … get paid to have somebody do it for you!

When it comes to junking your car, the two basic approaches still apply, when you consider you can either junk the car yourself, or you can have somebody do it for you. The best part about having somebody do it for you is … you then have the option of having them do the work and getting paid to let them do the work.

How to Junk a Car Yourself

Option 1: Take the Car to the Junkyard Yourself

You always have the option of breaking down the vehicle and preparing the vehicle for junkyard delivery yourself. There is a good amount of work involved:

1. Make sure all the fluids (including oil, coolant, gas, etc.) are thoroughly drained from the car.

2. Remove the spare tire from the vehicle. You will have to find a different way of disposing of the spare tire, as most junkyards only take the 4 tires on the car.

3. Make sure you have the car title with you. Oftentimes, junkyards are sticklers for the title. Sometimes, the title can be hard to find, if the car is old.

4. Tow the car to the junkyard and deliver it. You will then be paid for the car.

Option 2: Sell Off the Parts

You also have the option to dismantle the automobile Junkyards near me yourself and sell off the parts one by one.

1. The most effective way is to list the used car parts on eBay or local auction/used goods sales websites.

2.Sell the catalytic converter to the junkyard.

3. Sell the tires too, if they are still usable.

How to Junk a Car, Do No Work, and Get Paid

Prepping the car and then delivering it to the junkyard yourself is too hard and time consuming. Dismantling the car and selling off the parts is even more time consuming and more difficult to do. The best option for junking a caris to use a service that will come and tow the car away for you and pay you for their trouble.

This is clearly the best option, because not only are you able to rid yourself of the eyesore of a vehicle (that has most likely been sitting on your front lawn), but you also barely have to lift a finger. You literally only have to lift your finger twice in the entire process. The first time is, when you dial the phone number of the junk car service. The second time is, when you lift all your fingers and your hand to receive the payment for your junk car.

It’s an easy three step process to junk a car. First, call the junk car service to schedule the pick-up. Second, have the junk car removed by the service. Lastly, get paid cash money for their inconvenience!