Genetics play the leading role in creating the basic shape of your body and you have to begin with being realistic,Fitness tips to suit your Body-Type Articles so that you can do the best you can, with what you have. Body type of an individual, is a word related to the metabolism and genetic pre-disposition towards gaining fat or muscle or staying lean.
All of us are programmed by birth to be tall and long-limbed, petite and short limbed, small framed or big-boned or whatever. It is better for all of us to begin accepting the imitable things about our body type, and move towards improving on what can be improved.

Genetics also determine where you are likely to gain weight, which at times might not be appreciable by you. No matter what you do, you might find that any extra pound you carry appears around you handstandr middle, on your hips and thighs or below your beltline.

This clearly proves that women with different Metabolic rates and different body shapes need to workout differently. A woman who has a tendency to gain weight/fat easily will need to do more exercise than a woman who cannot gain weight no matter what.

Physiologists have divided women into three basic body types :

Ectomorphic: are lean, long-limbed and often tall. These woman have long torsos, slim hips and shoulders and small bones in proportion to their height. The Ectomorphic women generally have a very high metabolic rate making it difficult for them to gain both muscle and fat.

They generally need less aerobics and should do anaerobic/strength building or Resistance training exercises with repetitions in the range of 6-10 with a resting time of 45-90 sec between each set. The number of sets to be performed will depend on the need for fitness or a particular sport.

The aerobic workout should last for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week for cardiovascular fitness. If you play a s